Meeting Minutes Beaver Lake Community Club Board of Trustees June 1, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Robin Earl, President, at 7:04 pm.

Present: Robin Earl, Todd Baxter, Ann Kruse, Joe McConnell, Heather Grassman.

The President recognized a quorum.

The President reported on complications that have arisen in holding Board and Member meetings because of the COVID 19 crisis.  A letter was sent to all members explaining the situation and providing a report on Board activity during the prior year.  That letter is attached to these minutes and incorporated by reference. 

Minutes of the May 4 Board of Trustees virtual meeting were approved as written.

The following motions were proposed, seconded and passed:

1.      The Board ratifies the following prior actions of the Board and the President:

·         Donna Carlson is appointed as Trustee as of Feb. 3, 2020

·         Joe McConnell’s resignation as Secretary is accepted, and Joe is appointed at Trustee as of May 15, 2020

·         Ann Kruse is appointed as Secretary as of May 15, 2020.

2.      Operation Thank You will be inactive during the summer, unless a particular need or idea arises.  Todd Baxter will lead the Operation Thank You project.  He is authorized to mail handwritten thank-you notes to members who contributed, and to spend club funds on the notes and postage. 

The President acknowledged Joe McConnell’s long contribution to the club as an officer and his continuing service as a Trustee, and she thanked him on behalf of all club members.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Kruse, Secretary


Attachment to the Meeting Minutes of the BLCC Board of Trustees, June 1, 2020

May 29, 2020

Dear Members of the Beaver Lake Community Club/Friends of Beaver Lake –

We hope this finds you well and that you are finding joy in the beauty of spring. Our goal had been to hold our first virtual general membership meeting this coming Monday, June 1, so we could ensure the annual meeting, including the election of officers, could be carried out in accordance with our Bylaws. Since then, we have discovered that both membership and board meetings, which are governed by our Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order, require in-person meetings for business to be conducted.  Virtual or remote meetings are not allowed, unless expressly stated in the Bylaws, and ours do not contain that exception.

Since COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from having an in-person annual membership meeting in the foreseeable future, our goal will be to hold that meeting, including the election of officers, when restrictions on group meetings are lifted and when suitable according to the BLCC meeting calendar.  As a practical matter, this may be in the Fall or later. 

In the meantime, the officers and trustees will remain in their positions.  Article 3, Section 2 of our Bylaws states that officers and trustees hold office for one calendar year or until their successors have been elected/appointed.  

In lieu of our annual meeting, we are sending this newsletter to members to update you on club activities over the previous year. 

Lake Stewardship

1.       Regular coordination with the Beaver Lake Management District, including the removal of a large lily pad root mat on Beaver Lake 1. The mat had disappeared when King County employees came to inspect and break it up.  It has recently reappeared as a much smaller root mat.  We are currently coordinating with the County on this issue.

2.       Joined WALPA (Washington State Lake Protection Agency) to increase our knowledge and expand available resources to keep our lake healthy.

3.       Shared tips via emails to members and on our Beaver Lake Community Club website on homeowner practices that positively impact our lake.

4.       Hosted Chris Knutson during our March general membership meeting. He presented on best practices for homeowners, emphasizing keeping green with spring maintenance tasks around the exteriors of our homes and yards.

Community Connection

5.       Hosted Doug McIntyre from the City of Sammamish Public Works Department during our January general membership meeting to share our concerns about the possible opening of the barricades along East Beaver Lake Drive and the Trossachs neighborhoods. He assured us the City has adopted a very open and transparent process for the opening of barricades and that this would not happen without our community input, and until safety and environmental concerns are addressed. See City of Sammamish Established Evaluation Process for Existing Barricade and Emergency Gates for more information on this process.

6.       Worked with City Engineers to mitigate ongoing speeding issue on West Beaver Lake Drive. This remains an ongoing item.

7.       Investigated options to provide for a safer and cleaner community through the instillation of dog waste pickup stations. After talking to neighboring HOAs, the City, and waste disposal companies, it was decided this option was too expensive, would deplete our funds quickly and would not be pursued further.

8.       Investigated options on how to mitigate the overabundance of waste and other unhealthy conditions at the boat launch. Due to the limited capacities of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, began an inquiry process with the City of Sammamish for the City/Club to possibly adopt our launch. Due to current events, the conversations are currently on hold. We plan to resume them in the future.

9.       Began the Operation Thank You fund through membership contributions: $475 provided 30 lunches to Swedish Hospital health care providers in May, and $1,379.00 will be donated to the Issaquah Food Bank. This outreach will continue, and we will keep you informed of other opportunities to participate.


10.   Annual December Holiday Party

11.   Annual Easter Egg Hunt - in planning stages when social distancing went into effect. Canceled for this year.

General Business

12.   We continued our transition to online membership.

13.   We presently have 48 members.

14.   The current CD came to term; Todd researched best possibilities and purchased a new 18-month CD.

15.   Our current fund total is $6590.55 (BLCC); $16,945.70 (Friends of BL); and $42,671.00 (CD).

16.   We remain in good standing with the IRS.

17.   Current Officers and Trustees are Robin Earl, President; Mark Stendal, Vice President; Todd Baxter, Treasurer; Ann Kruse, Secretary; Joe McConnell, Heather Grassman, and Donna Carlson, Trustees.

18.   Our next regularly scheduled meeting is set for Monday, September 14, 2020, 7pm at the Beaver Lake Lodge. We will keep you updated on this. We welcome topic ideas for meetings. If you have one, send it our way!

Please let us know if you have questions about any of the above or if you have ideas on how to continue our progress with unfinished items.

We look forward to seeing you out and about the lake this summer, keeping safe and healthy, while still enjoying the bond of our unique community.


Members of the Beaver Lake Community Club Board