Beaver Lake Community Club Meeting Minutes 2-3-2020

Meeting Started: 7:07pm

Attending: Robin, Heather, Mark, Joe, Donna Carlson (Donna considering Trustee position.)

Minutes from 1/6/20 Club meeting approved as amended

Treasurers Report: $500.00 Damage deposit returned by City

Beaver Lake Management District (BLMD) Report: Removal of large lily pad root mat was attempted, but when County employees went to the spot where it was, it had disappeared.

WALPA: We are now members.

Consider going to its annual meeting in Chelan.

Heather will link our website to their website.

Feedback from Doug McIntire presentation at 1/6/20 Club meeting:

It was a very open and transparent presentation.

Barricades won’t be opened as detour for Iss/Fall City road closure.

Temporary fire station in Trossachs during road closure.

Many in Trossachs don’t want barricades opened. They like the one way in or out to discourage crime.

Barricades will not open until safety and environmental concerns are addressed (City of Sammamish Established Evaluation Process for Existing Barricade and Emergency Gates ).

Urban Forest: Ask Ann to represent Club at UFMP.

Dog poop pickup: Expensive, could deplete our funds quickly. We will not pursue it.

Adopt Boat Launch: Wait till spring to pursue. Can City of Sammamish adopt boat launch?

Retire trying to find road classifications

Holiday Party: Party for 2020 already scheduled for Dec 14. $75 paid for insurance for serving liquor. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement for 2019 party.

Easter Egg Hunt: Scheduled for April 112020. Need Chairman. Email search for volunteers.

Earth Day Participation: Ask Ann to find out what participation would involve.

Meeting Ideas: March and May-general meetings. April and June-Board meetings. Mark will ask WALPA for speaker for March meeting.

New Business: Donna has agreed to be a Trustee.

Meeting ends: 8:32pm

Joe McConnell - Secretary