Beaver Lake Community Club Minutes 1-6-2020

Meeting Started: 7:02pm

Attending: 26 people

Guest Speaker: Doug McIntyre – Transportation Planner for city of Sammamish


Neither barricade from Trossach to Beaver Lake Dr. will be opened in the foreseeable future.

Barricades will not be opened until road safety issues have been addressed.

There's a lengthy public process the city will follow before making any decision to open barricades; the speaker handed out a copy of the City Council Resolution describing the process.

Transportation Master Plan (TMP):

Used to qualify traffic projects – prioritized by public survey.

Process to prioritize traffic projects and/or to remove barricades would take 18 to 24 months.

Roundabout at 32nd and 256th:

First as Temporary for Issaquah Fall City road closure, then permanent after analysis of existing configuration and improvements are included in final configuration.

Iss/Fall City road closure starts March 2020 and goes for 8 months.


Auto payment on internet is now active and working well.

Treasurers Report:

$5,300 Club account, $1,700 FoBL account, $43K CD’s

Dog poop pickup:

Still being studied – Expensive, could deplete our funds quickly

Adopt the Boat launch:

City can’t do pick up of trash but might be able to adopt the boat launch.

Fish and Wildlife only has limited resources to maintain the launch.

Beaver Lake Management District (BLMD) report:

There were 2 water lily pad treatments this summer.

Removal of large lily pad root mat is being explored.

Meeting ends: 8:30pm

Next meeting is Board meeting in February.

Joe McConnell - Secretary