Beaver Lake Community Club Minutes 10-7-19

Meeting started 7:20

Attending: Robin, Todd, Ann, Heather, Joe

Treasurers Report:

1, Need board authorized check signers for new Opus Bank account:

                Joe nominated Robin (President) and Todd (Treasurer)

                Ann seconded motion

Motion carried

Joe send copy of minutes to Todd to show bank Board authorization for Robin and Todd.

2. Todd will pay $192 for PO Box annual fee.

3. WALPA membership application sent in with check for $40.00

3. Private garbage haulers offer weekly pickup. Consider using them to deal with trash at Boat Launch?

4. Waste stations with bags and waste cans could be installed for $1560.00 with an additional cost of $120.00 per month for pickup

Contact Beaver Lake Estates HOA and/or City to share cost. Sammamish Mayor will pursue for city and Todd will contact BLE HOA.

BLMD Report:

1.       No evidence that a second Water Lily application was done.

2.       Get copy of Ground Rules from city about preventing contamination of local lakes

3.       Ask BLMD to put obtained Ground Rules on its website.

4.       Heather will ask Rituja Indapure about updated Lake Shore Management Regulations

5.       A BLCC member sent links with candidate info with hope that we would put it on our website. The Board will send an email to members encouraging them to vote. It will contain unbiased information sources and specify that the club does not endorse any candidates. Ann will review the links and will draft the email.

New Business

Speeding update:

1.       City will place temporary “Your Speed Is” sign on West Beaver Lk Dr

2.       Todd will ask city for a speed hose across road to record speed

Party fee of $500.00 owed to city for last year’s Holiday party. Fee will be returned as unused damage deposit.

This year’s party will hopefully chaired by Kathy Schroeder. If not- Robin, Heather and Todd will organize it.

November meeting will be about “Living with bears and other wild creatures”.

Meeting ended: 9:00PM


Joe McConnell, Secretary